General Dermatology

We are here to help with your general dermatologic needs.  Whether you have acne, skin cancer, psoriasis, warts, or hair loss, we will provide up-to-date, innovative treatments.  We provide a thorough, academic approach to dermatology.

We actively educate on preventive skin maintenance, and recommend annual complete skin exams for almost all patients.  We help you learn how to monitor your own skin between visits and ask our patients to call us right away if anything is new or changing.

We offer in office surgical procedures for removal of benign growths as well as skin cancers. We evaluate and treat all skin conditions including:

skin cancer
mole checks
hair loss
nail changes

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Arboretum Dermatology is the best place for your custom, conservative cosmetic care. Our philosophy is to enhance and refresh your appearance and help you look your best.

In addition to encouraging an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle with diet, exercise and daily sun protection, we can help improve some of the fine lines, red and brown spots and laxity in the skin that occur naturally from aging and sun exposure.

We offer cosmetic consultations to help you develop an individualized treatment plan designed to meet your goals.

We offer the following treatments:

BOTOX® for wrinkles.
Juvederm and Voluma fillers to improve facial volume loss.
Kybella injections for unwanted fat under the chin.
Clarity laser for hair removal, brown spots, red/vascular lesions, rosacea and more.
Cosmetic Mole Removal
Removal of Benign Growths for skin tags, red spots, seborrheic keratoses.
Sclerotherapy for leg veins.
Spectra laser for brown spots, acne treatment, Hollywood Peel, melasma and tattoos.
LaseMD laser for tone and texture improvement, hair loss, pigment reduction and brightening. LaseMD’s novel cosmeceutical delivery system allows liquid compounds to penetrate the skin via a laser micro-wound to achieve improved absorption and a better aesthetic effect.

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